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Attorney Jeff Herman at presser today at Four Seasons Hotel. He filed lawsuits today against three men who allegedly gave Michael Egan III drugs and threw sex parties where he was attacked. The men are Garth Ancier, Gary Goddard, and David Neuman. All of the allegations concerning sex and drugs at Hawaii parties where Egan was abused are alleged.

Ancier is the biggest name. He ran two of the three biggest broadcast networks. He’s former chairman of BBC America.  David Neuman is a former Disney president and chief programmer at CNN. Goddard has an entertainment company. He produced the Broadway revival of “Hair” and several other Broadway shows. His original company was Landmark Entertainment.

Obviously, in these lawsuits everyone named is innocent until proven guilty. But Herman has created a tsunami in Hollywood. He brought Egan’s mother, Bonnie Mound, a very believable potential witness who has a lot of evidence and ammunition not only against the defendants but about FBI agents whom she says ignored her.

The allegations and lawsuit against Singer are so bad that 20th Century Fox has removed Singer from all “X Men” publicity.

Herman told the press that threats of lawsuits from Marty Singer, professional Hollywood bulldog. “I won’t be bullied and I’m not going to be scared,” he said.

Last week Herman sued “X Men” director Bryan Singer (no relation to his lawyer, Marty) for allegedly raping and giving drugs to Egan when he was a teenager. The events took place at parties in Los Angeles and Hawaii, at a home owned by convicted pedophile Marc Collins-Rector.

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