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Here’s the weirdest ending to the Michael Jackson saga: Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, has to pay $800,000 to AEGLive in court fees and legal fees. Why? She lost the lawsuit she brought against AEGLive over Michael’s death. After spending millions on her own lawyers, Mrs. Jackson now has to cough up this chunk of cash. But where will she get it from? Mrs. Jackson has no money of her own. Her funds come from Michael’s estate.

Essentially, Michael Jackson is now paying AEGLive after they were going to pay him $10 million or more for the London concerts. It’s not AEG’s fault. That’s the way the court system functions. Mrs. Jackson even got $400K knocked off the total AEG was asking for. The concert promoter was asking for $1.2 million originally. In settlement talks they arrived at $800K. What a bizarre conclusion.

In other miscellaneous Michael Jackson news, there are tabloid reports that Debbie Rowe wants to either get custody of Michael’s kids and/or marry her BFF, gay porn producer Marc Schaffel. It seems unlikely either of things might happen, but you never know. Sources tell me that Prince aka Michael Jackson Jr. has no interest in that, and can’t be forced to live with Rowe. Paris remains in her boarding school for troubled teens. “She hates it and wants to come home,” says an insider. Rowe, the source says, has best shot with Paris. Blanket will remain with Mrs. Jackson since he is not Rowe’s biological child.

Meanwhile we wait for Michael’s second posthumous album, “Xscape,” with a cover of the America song “Horse with No Name.”

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