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When “Mad Men” returns this Sunday on AMC, the show will have a surprise guest star. I can’t tell you who it is because indeed this person is a total surprise. Their name is not in the credits, and there’s no hint of them coming up in a scene.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this person again during the final episodes, but you never know. So far, no one is saying anything. All I can say is that Jon Hamm is in the scene with the surprise guest. And the guest’s name runs in the closing credits along with all the other actors.

The new episode “Time Zones” is a return to form for some viewers who found the sixth season uneven. One of my favorite parts of this episode is the return of Freddie Rumson, played so beautifully by Joel Murray (younger brother of Bill). No longer drinking or messing up, Freddie is helping Don (Hamm) during his hiatus from Sterling Cooper.

Meantime, Don and Megan have gone west. They’re living in Los Angeles, at least temporarily, and Megan is up for a part in a new NBC show called “Bracken’s World.” In reality, the series– a soap opera about the Hollywood studios — ran for two seasons.

Back in New York, Peggy’s dealing with Don’s replacement, an old time ad guy played by Allan Havey. He’s a male chauvinist immune to Peggy’s charms and talent. This probably rings more true to life than Peggy’s swift advancement thanks to Don and Ted, her erstwhile suitor.

Two other things about “Time Zones”: you will see more of Roger Sterling (John Slattery) than you ever wanted. And the show really belongs to Joan (Christina Henricks) who drives the plot and comes into her own more than ever.

Great music, as well.

More to say on Sunday night.

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