Home Media “American Idol” Continues Steep Decline: Thursday Results Show Loses of Wednesday Audience

It just goes on and on. Last night’s “American Idol” results show was a ratings disaster. They scored 7.35 million viewers and a really awful 1.7 rating in the key demo 18-49. Yikes. The night before, Wednesday, there were 8.9 million viewers and the show had a 2.0.  That means more than a million people who watched Wednesday’s show didn’t come back the next night to see what happened. Maybe they tie the singers to a moving conveyor belt with a large saw buzzing at the end. “Tune in tomorrow, Bat Fans!” At this rate, the May finale is going to go with quite the whimper.

Meanwhile, much talk about “Law & Order: SVU” renewal and Dick Wolf negotiating with NBC. Let’s hope this can be finalized soon. “SVU” had a great year, and its ratings have been very healthy. It would be a shame not to have it on the schedule. And really, NBC doesn’t anything better, or with this much loyalty. NBC, pay whatever they want. It’s quality programming. And no Mariska Hargitay on the schedule is very depressing to think about!

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