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We live now in an era where something whispered into a gullible ear becomes repeated by lemmings on the internet until World War III breaks out.

Mia Farrow knows this very well. She set this in motion today,planting an item in the NY Daily News that Woody Allen’s “Bullets Over Broadway” must be racist. Says she via they: “they don’t want blacks in the cast and it’s all about the Cotton Club.”

I am MYSTIFIED by the stupidity involved here. “Bullets Over Broadway” is based on a 1994 film. It has NOTHING to do with the Cotton Club! It’s called Bullets over what? BROADWAY! The movie, and the musical, is about an aspiring Broadway playwright and his backers. The musical added music from the 1920s, some of which was played at the Cotton Club. And at the Stork Club, the Copa, your grandma’s living room. and Lindy’s and a dozen other places that were popular.

But it’s not about the Cotton Club or set there !! Please pay attention lemming websites who will just repeat the Daily News smear. Planted by Mia, no doubt.

The show: opens tonight, it’s a hit.

Woody Allen is not a racist. His three children– Satchel, Bechet, and Manzie– are named for black jazz musicians. Really.

“After Midnight” is about the Cotton Club. Half the cast and orchestra are white. Now what do you want to do?

NY Daily News Confidential: you’ve been used.

Public: you’re being used.

Mia, Ronan: drop it already.


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  1. Hey, Roger, love your articles, especially those defending Woody. Just one thing – Satchel was named after Satchel Paige, the black baseball player.

  2. Sounds like a smear against Mia Farrow. Where’s the cite to such a statement by her? No cite, no fact, no reality. Stop it already, the crucifixation of someone who made a criminal accusation against the Great One on behalf of a child.

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