Home Celebrity Mystery of Murdoch’s Winter Disappearance Explained: “Fell On My Head”

Remember, I asked back in February, where is Rupert Murdoch? He’d been missing from social media, from almost all media, for several weeks by mid winter. The original piece I did noted his strange absence. He missed a lot, including Fox Searchlight’s Oscar win for “12 Years a Slave.”

Now we know the answer. The octogenarian fell, as many senior citizens do, and fractured his spine. He reveals this episode in his new Fortune magazine interview.

He tells Fortune: “I had a very bad month in January and February… I fell on my head.

“It was just stupidity… I’d put on some boots to go for a hike around San Francisco… and I went down and hit my head very hard. And I got… a hair fracture across my spine. I landed on a carpet, but on my head. I’ve never had such pain in my life.

“A friend of mine sent a friend of his, a neurosurgeon, down to see me, who quickly said I didn’t have any concussion. After that, I just went to my ranch and rested for three weeks.”

Did the fall knock some sense into him? Since the accident he’s spoken favorably of Hillary Clinton.

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