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UPDATE: Introduced as simply “Yusuf,” the singer wore a blazer over a Cat Stevens t shirt. He sang his classic hits “The First Cut is the Deepest” and “Wild World.” Jimmy held up a “Tea for the Tillerman” album. Yusuf sounded and looked grand. So nice to hear his voice.

EARLIER Cat Stevens, known as Yusuf Islam now, is in the US. He got his visa, and he appears tonight with Jimmy Fallon. He’ll be at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show on Thursday.

Here’s my 2006 story and interview:

Cat Stevens is back. Well, his name now is Yusuf Islam, and we’ll call him that, but old habits are hard to break, and you know, he was our Cat for a long, long time.

Last night he returned to the U.S. and the stage, playing a nice long set at the Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center for invited guests including rocker Patti Smith and a heavy mix of folks from the media like New York Times pop critic Jon Pareles, filmmaker Albert Maysles, rock impresario David Spero and writer Daphne Merkin.

The show, taped for KCRW-FM, was interspersed with a conversation with that radio station’s Nic Harcourt.

But you know, it wasn’t until after the mesmerizing, emotional show that I got to ask Yusuf a tough question: Does he regret denouncing author Salman Rushdie and appearing to endorse the fatwa, or death sentence, leveled at him by Ayatollah Khomeini?

“I never said it,” he replied, smiling. He used his two index fingers to show polar opposites. “We were just poles apart,” he said of Rushdie. “We disagreed. But I never said such a thing.”

Nevertheless, Yusuf — who by then had been out of the spotlight for many years and had become a dark, mysterious distant figure — gained the hatred of American radio stations. There were mass bonfires of his albums staged by extremists. It was a bad time.

But Yusuf is far from being a dark, mysterious figure at all. At the Allen Room he was dressed in jeans, suede desert boots, a nice T-shirt and vest. His hair, once jet black and wavy, is straight, short and gray. He sports a scruffy gray beard as well.

He is Muslim by a choice he made in 1978 — ironic since his brother, also raised Greek Orthodox, converted to Judaism around the same time, or so I am told.

Yusuf is also slight, and in good shape considering he will turn 60 next spring. He has a wide smile, which makes him very charming still, and his singing voice, I am happy to report, is intact, as is his guitar playing.

When he opened his mouth to open with an old song, “The Wind,” there was an electric sensation sent through the room. No one’s heard his voice live since 1978. It was like an old friend had returned from the dead.

Still, he’s sorry about the Rushdie business.

“It was 17 years ago,” he said, shaking his head. Rushdie had criticized the Muslim religion in his book, “The Satanic Verses.” Many in Iran considered it blasphemy. Yusuf said to me, “All we want is peace.” Well, it was a heady time.

So how did Cat Stevens (born Steven Georgiou to a Greek father and Swedish mother) leave his career as a rock star and become a Muslim? The short answer is that he was swimming in Malibu and started to drown.

“I was drowning in Malibu,” he said, and he promised God that if he lived he would change his life. It was a big life, too, full of rock amenities like gorgeous girlfriends. Carly Simon was one before her marriage to James Taylor, and Stevens wrote “Lady D’Arbanville” about actress Patti D’Arbanville.

“I had to deflate myself,” Yusuf said to Harcourt last night in during an interlude in the concert. “I had to come back to life.”

One surprise: He said his mother actually chose his wife for him. “I had a choice of two women. She decided.”

On stage last night, with the New York skyline shining behind him, Yusuf mixed songs from his new album, “An Other Cup,” with old hits like “The Wind,” “Oh Very Young,” “Father and Son,” and “Peace Train” — which he dedicated to the memory of Ahmet Ertegun.

The new songs, especially “Indian Ocean,” which is about the 2004 tsunami, are melodically beautiful and lush. But the old songs really packed an unexpected punch. Yusuf’s long absence from the scene works well for him. Hearing his old music is like receiving a bottle of Fiji water in the desert.

But didn’t he miss us all those years, I asked?

“I had a family and a life, and I did a lot of charity work,” he said. Two years ago he picked up a guitar for the first time since his retirement thanks to his son, Muhammad (he’s inherited the hair, by the way).

“I said, ‘Hello, I know you,’” the singer recalled.

One reason he returned: “The Muslim world now is artless,” he said. “I wanted to show that there is creativity. It’s not grim.”

If we’re lucky, Yusuf will tour with his band, maybe to small venues. For now, though, he’s returning to London after doing a little publicity and testing the waters. My guess is he’ll be back soon, and he is very, very welcome.

Who knows? This may be a renaissance in the making. He says he recently spoke to Simon for the first time in years. “She called to say she’d named her new album ‘Into the White,’ after my song,” he said, proudly.

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  1. He needs money, his son wants money and fame, islam allows him to “perform” for the infidels to get their money and use it for terrorism, I will never listen to his music not pay for a cd

  2. I used to love Cat Stevens. Then he got uber religious, left to live a pure Islamist life with disdain for the life he left behind and the United States. Now his son is grown and in the biz, and he wants money, so back into the biz. No, I have no desire to hear him now. Although I still love the old songs by the musician known as Cat Stevens, who no longer exists.

  3. this jerk has converted to Islam, and thinks the bombing on 9/11 are O.K. Why pay this goon with money and fame so that he and his comrades can hate and kill us all? I like his music, but he’s way over the line for me.

  4. I remember this idiot and what he said. I remember he denounced his American citizenship for Islam! I remember his anti American rhetoric! I hope he dies and rots in Hell! He is the ultimate traitor! He took his talent, became wildly successful, and then turned on his country. Why did the state department ever let his bugger back in, as if nothing ever happened?
    Cat Steven did make some good music before he turned his back on the USA and became a muslim……and he came back for the most Western of reasons, he is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    I’m sure he didn’t turn his back on capitalism….ALL of the liberal elites are STEEPED in it….hypocritical liars

  5. Priceless. You can fit a lot of explosives in an acoustic guitar. A great way to usher in the twelfth imam… http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Pages/ChristianAttacks.htm They just want peace (through beheadings).

    It’s only fair since the Catholics did it first, right! …never mind the fact that it was 500 years ago when we didn’t have running water and Jimmy Fallon to be grateful for – it’s good that we have stepped back half a millennium. The dark ages weren’t so bad. This time we will have Cat cooing to us as we all become part of the religion of peace (or die).

    I think I will stick with the Lamb of God.

  6. After 9/11, this terrorist said “Someday American will see 9/11 as a blessing.” I burned all my Cat Stevens albums, and now I will never watch Fallon again!

  7. Cat Stevens is one of the best singer song writers of all time. His unique style of each song and lyrics is amazing. Have always been a fan and still listen to his music on a regular basis. I still consider Tea For The Tillerman one of the top five albums of all time. I saw that my college age daughter had my Tillerman CD and I asked if she listened to it. Her comment was; “now I know why it’s your favorite album.” That being said, most Muslims want to see everyone else convert or die.

  8. Poor article…does not seem to know much about Yusuf (Cat) and his last few years singing in his concerts outside of USA…look oon youtube….he’s been singing for past few years. Very poor reporting.

  9. Obama had to have ok’d the visa. The man is listed as a terrorist. “”Salman Rushdie, indeed any writer who abuses the prophet or indeed any prophet under Islamic law, the sentence for that is actually death.”” The former Cat Stevens

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