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Remember the whole flap over Kirstie Alley‘s diet company? I told you it was connected to Scientology. Kirstie freaked out on the Today show. Then a woman in Hollywood sued her, saying Organic Liaisons was lying about its promises and promotions.

According to the National Enquirer, Alley had to pay $130,000 to Marina Abramyan for false claims. She also had to stop using a claim of “Proven Products” on her labels. It turned out that most of Kirstie’s brief weight loss came from working out on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Now Kirstie has sold whatever was left of Organic Liaisons to her old employer, Jenny Craig. And Alley, overweight again despite Organic Liaisons, has signed on again as a Jenny Craig spokeswoman. She’s already in trouble for saying the 20 to 30 pounds she has to lose “isn’t circus fat.” Circus performers are crying foul.

The Organic Liaisons website no longer sells anything. Jenny Craig says they’re going to offer one of Kirstie’s products, a juice drink with vitamins. But basically, the party is over. Goodbye Organic Liaisons. Even Scientology couldn’t save you.

Now everyone, get dancing!

I always loved this crazy video:

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