Home Movies UPDATE “Captain America” Snags $96 Million Opening Weekend-Robert Redford Biggest Movie Ever

UPDATE: “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” took in a whopping $96 million for its first weekend in the US. This makes the worldwide total well over $200 million in just a week.

EARLIER: It’s a Marvel-ous weekend for Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie and friends. “Captain America” opened to $37 million last night. The comic book sequel is headed to a $90 million plus three days. Some trivia: It’s the highest grossing movie Robert Redford has ever been in.

The movie also has $95 million in foreign sales. It’s in the black and then some.

By comparison: The first “Captain America” movie had a $25.7 mil Friday and a $65 mil opening weekend.

Good news for Disney, which last year suffered through “The Lone Ranger.” Hi ho!

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