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Oh Prince! He’s a stranger in a strange land. He sent out a press release today announcing that NPG Music Publishing is his new music publisher. Of course,Prince is NPG, New Power Generation, so that means he’s publishing himself. He was published previously by Universal Music Publishing.

Why the change? And why do it himself? It’s a big job administrating a music publishing catalog. Few do it. Paul McCartney has had his own company for years. But most everyone goes through one of the big firms. I’m sure any of them would have been happy to do it, for a good price. But Prince funks to his own inner drum beat. He established NPG Music Publishing just a month ago as an LLC.

Who will run it, staff it, etc? He says, “The team will be led by some of the best talent in the industry.” This is Swahili for “We don’t know.” Indeed, to demonstrate that point, Prince adds: “NPG Music Publishing is now actively seeking placement for some of Prince’s best-loved songs in film, television, video games and the commercial realm.”

He will be on Santa Monica and Wilshire tomorrow in front of Starbucks wearing a sandwich board and accepting offers.

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