Home Television “American Idol” Free Fall Continues, Down 5% from Last Week

I don’t take any pleasure in reporting these numbers. But “American Idol” continued its ratings free fall last night, dropping 5% from last week. The show couldn’t muster 9 million viewers– 8.77 mil– and had a 2.1 rating.

Everything beat “Idol”: “Survivor,” “Modern Family,” “CSI,” “Criminal Minds,” the farm report. (Just kidding on the last one.)

This doesn’t include cable, home videos, Netflix, or my nieces’ birthday dinner at Calle Ocho. (Delish!) A show called “The Middle” — I don’t even know what it is– did very well, too. Now that’s saying something.

Tonight comes the 9pm results show for “Idol,” a ratings loser if ever there was one. The sad news will be reported tomorrow.

Watch this video. Is that Meat Loaf’s son?


I’d give the #1 spot to this girl:

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