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“How I Met Your Mother,” a show I never followed closely, is over. The Mother, as everyone learns, is dead. The Internet is going crazy with fans who hated the ending, and feel cheated. Well, it’s just a TV show. Most endings are bad, except for “Mary Tyler Moore,” “Newhart,” and “St. Elsewhere.” The rest of them were all botched, from “Seinfeld” to “Lost” to “Cheers.”

But wait: Cristin Milioti, who played the Mother this season, lied outright to the Hollywood Reporter about the death. Of course, they believed it since they posted the video and promoted it. Milioti is a nice girl. I can’t imagine she decided to lie on her own. Someone at the show or CBS must have told her to do it. Not good. She just shouldn’t have done the interview.

So Ted married the Mother, she died, and he married Robin. This means all you had to do was watch the pilot and the final episode. The whole last season was a waste of time. I’m glad I didn’t waste mine. Live and learn, kids.

Listen to Milioti say how crazy the fans are to think the Mother died:

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  1. The whole last season was a waste of time? Sure, if you call laughing my ass off and being thoroughly entertained for 30 minutes every week (minus commercials) a “waste of time.”

  2. Yeah, I guess she kinda did. No offense, but I’m glad The Mother died. Ted and Robin were destined to end up together. And for that to happen, she had to die. Nicely done, C & C.

  3. She didn’t lie – I think it’s disingenuous to paint her in a bad light when she was just making commentary about the fan theories. All she says is “That’s insane!” after the interviewer mentioning the mother dying. She didn’t even mention anything about whether or not that was true. Stop creating controversy over nothing.

  4. Seriously? If she gave away the ending that the mother is dead, that would be a major spoiler for some fans and take away the plot twist. If you were an actor in a series, would you willingly give away the plot twists of the show long before it is aired? I don’t think so.

  5. Get over yourselves. No one is obligated to talk to you, be happy she did. She lied because a multi-million dollar series was counting on that secret not getting out.

    People acted the same when JJ Abrams lied about Khan not being in Star Trek… There is a reason he lied, it’s because it’s none of your god damn business. Don’t be entitled. Grow up.

  6. Trying again because I don’t know if my last reply went through. I don’t see it and it says there are no comments. Anyway…Cristin Milioti never lied. She answered the question diplomatically without confirming or denying the theory. She merely said that it was “insane” and that “it’s the crazy conspiracy theories that make her love the fans even more.” Perhaps she was implying how insane it is that the fans are so dedicated to the show that they were able to pick up on the dozens of little hints dropped since the first season foreshadowing the death of Tracy. (The Mother) She never said that the theory was “inaccurate” or “false” or any version of “wrong”.

  7. She never lied. She merely stated that the idea/theory that her character is dead in the HIMYM world’s present day was “crazy” and “insane”. She said the crazy conspiracy theories made her love the fans even more. She never said the theory was “inaccurate” or “false”. She answered the question very diplomatically without confirming or denying anything.

  8. Actually, she never does deny it. She says “That’s insane. There are some crazy conspiracy theories, which really makes me love the fans more… That is so crazy.” That’s not a denial, it’s a lawyer answer… People simply inferred it as a denial, incorrectly.

    And the end to The Shield and Breaking Bad were amazing.

  9. Are you kidding me. “Milioti is a nice girl. I can’t imagine she decided to lie on her own. Someone at the show or CBS must have told her to do it.” Or perhaps she simply preferred not to spoil the show, which isn’t related in any way to her level of niceness. Also, how well enough do you know her personally to claim with certainty that she wouldn’t lie? Anyways, she didn’t outright deny the claims, she merely implied that they were false.

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