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There’s a “new” Michael Jackson album. Eight songs have been “contemporized” by a group of producers including Timbaland and one of Jackson’s executors, John McClain. But so far there’s no song list. And no one contacted Jackson’s long time engineer, Bruce Swedien.

I spoke to Swedien today and he had no idea the project was happening at all. So it will be interesting to see what these eight songs are.Five years ago when Michael Jackson died, Swedien told me that he didn’t think there was much unreleased material to be mined. Last year, when “Bad 25” appeared, a whole CD of lost songs was included. The songs included the ones Swedien did recall, like “Don’t Be Messin’ Around.” But that would have tapped out the inventory.

Of course, there are still more songs that Jackson recorded with Eddie Cascio. But that project was so mishandled that his hardcore fans refused to believe they were made by Michael himself. (They were, but that’s another story.)

“Contemporized” sounds a little like “colorized” used to be for movies when studios started messing with classic black and white films. So everyone will brace themselves for “Xscape,” with new debates to follow. If Michael’s well loved classics have had a lot of sonic fiddling, the noise will be endless.

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  1. Bruce is too old now. If his hearing is anything like my grandad’s the project is better off without him IMO.
    While his involvement would have kept the MJ hardcore fans happy it likely wouldn’t have had any positive effect on the final product, tho I’ll guess we’ll never know.

  2. Bruce Swedien is wrong. Michael was incredibly prolific, writing between 60 and 100 songs in preparation for each album, and countless more after HIStory too. He said so himself in a few interviews, that there were many songs in his vault not ready for release. Because of all the new songs leaked on YouTube over the last 5 years, I will be surprised if any of the songs on the album are new to me. Pleasantly surprised though, if some are.

    I have mixed feelings about “Xscape” too. True that Michael wouldn’t want these songs reworked and released without his input, but from where he is now, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that his incredible legacy is continually perpetuated, and once again he is shown to be the genius that he was and always will be, no matter what controversy comes about from the new songs. There will never be another like him, and so I believe that anything new coming from MJ can only be a blessing.

  3. One website claim this to be a potential Tracklist (Some of these Demos have been previously leaked online):

    1. Xscape (New version / Original)
    2. She Was Lovin’ Me (New version / Original)
    3. Do You Know Where Your Children Are (New version / Original)
    4. Slave To The Rhythm (New version / Original)
    5. A Place With No Name (New version / Original)
    6. Blue Gangsta (New version / Original)
    7. I Was The Loser (New version / Original)
    8. Can’t Get Your Weight Off Of Me (New version / Original)
    9. Chicago (New version / Original)
    BONUS TRACK: Hollywood Tonight (Original)

    I’m sure I also read somewhere that the album will have 8 Tracks…..?

    As for Bruce Swedien, I doubt his services are needed anymore. Yes, he’s been brilliant in the past, but I’d still still support the idea of using fresh new mixers.

  4. Poor old Roger and Bruce. Both of you think you know all of his music, Bruce wasn’t the only Engineer that worked with Michael nor do you or Bruce knows what’s in the vault. But you will know on May15th when you hear it. Maybe they will let you purchase one, instead of proving it to you. You are so irrelevant and do ‘t even know it. I am only here is because someone pointed your drivel out.

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