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L’Wren Scott was a Mormon and she was from Utah. She was, however, buried in a Hollywood cemetery that has a gift shop, no religious affiliation, and no family meaning for her. It’s the end of a very strange story.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery is the home to miscellaneous stars, big and small, known and forgotten. It’s the kind of place that sells maps to stars’ graves. On their web page there are instructions for booking events.

Classy? No. Kitschy? Yes.

Two of the Ramones from the punk rock group are there. Johnny Ramone’s has a headstone of him playing guitar. Viva Las Vegas. Both Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and Jr. are in Hollywood Forever. So is Fay Wray of “King Kong” fame, Mel Blanc, voice of Bugs Bunny. His epitaph on his tombstone: “That’s all, folks!”

It’s a cemetery with a Hall of Fame. Director Cecil B. DeMille, actors Peter Finch and Janet Gaynor, movie mogul Harry Cohn, gangster Bugsy Siegel, and silent film star Rudolph Valentino all live on in memory in the opulent mausoleums and crypts.

Hollywood Forever seems like a place that might have been a good idea in the early part of the movie industry’s history when no one had a past and everything was sort of imagined as a celluloid fantasy.

What is L’Wren Scott doing there? She had nothing to do with old Hollywood or the actual movie business other than dressing some stars.  She’s far from home, not near anyone from the fashion business or her family. It’s not like Mick Jagger will ever go back for a visit, as he lives in London, New York, and Mustique. It’s unlikely any of her movie star clients will use this as a final resting place. None of them would be caught dead there, frankly.

Weird, weird, weird.

PS They host concerts there regularly, and have a regular Movie Night.

L’Wren, try and rest in peace.

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  1. She was so classy but yet gets buried there! Unbelievable! how dare her brother and jagger do that to her shame on them! Just dump her off somewhere with no family how sad and hurtful. O wait they split her ashes up so i guess thats supposed to make it ok. How trashy

  2. Tried three times to post unsuccessfully. YOU ARE WRONG, Friedman. Half her ashes are in Utah with family and half are with Mr. Jagger who controls their final disposition. None is being buried at Hollywood Forever.

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