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L’Wren Scott was laid to rest today in Los Angeles, eight days after her tragic suicide. Everyone continues to wonder what happened. Look at the picture of Mick Jagger that went out around the world Tuesday. This man looks shattered, to use a word. What a terrible ending for everyone involved.

Besides Jagger, there were members of his family and Scott’s, as well as actress Ellen Barkin, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. There was a reception following at the very chic Sunset Tower Hotel.

None of the Rolling Stones went to the service– no Keith, Ronnie, Charlie Watts. The Stones’ quotes last week about the “situation” never mentioned L’Wren or her passing, just their support for Mick and willingness to get back on tour.

But Mick’s kids and grandkids did turn out in full force. Scott was buried in a cemetery with the tackiest name possible– “Hollywood Forever.” Only in L.A., kids, only in L.A.

Here’s the note from Jagger’s publicist which every outlet used as if they’d done the actual reporting. The note didn’t include Kidman or Urban’s names or any other friends.

A small private gathering of family and close friends attended a funeral service for L’Wren Scott today at Hollywood Forever Funeral Home in Los Angeles.

The service with blessings and prayers led by Reverend Ed Bacon (All Saints Church in Pasadena, California) included memories and words of tribute from Mick Jagger, her brother Randy Bambrough, Justinian Kfoury, Ira M. Hammons-Glass and Adam Glassman.

Poems were shared by Jagger’s daughter Karis, as well as Ellen Barkin. Mick’s daughter, Jade, read Psalm 139, and his grandchildren, Mazie and Zak, read Psalm 23.

Randy’s daughter Hannah read Shakespeare Sonnet 18.


 “Will the Circle be Unbroken” was sung by Bernard Fowler with Dave Stewart on guitar.

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