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This is insane: Madonna is going to direct another movie. Why? Cronyism. There’s no other explanation. Her “W.E.” was one of the great embarrassments in movie history. If you saw that piece of whatever, you remember the Duchess of Windsor dancing to punk music in front of the Duke’s death bed.

Now Madonna will direct a movie based on a novel by Rebecca Walker, the daughter of “Color Purple” author Alice Walker. Madonna will bring all her subtlety to the story of “Ade,” described on amazon thusly:

“When Farida, a sophisticated college student, falls in love with Adé, a young Swahili man living on an idyllic island off the coast of Kenya, the two plan to marry and envision a simple life together—free of worldly possessions and concerns. But when Farida contracts malaria and finds herself caught in the middle of a civil war, reality crashes in around them. The lovers’ solitude is interrupted by a world in the throes of massive upheaval that threatens to tear them apart, along with all they cherish.”

I mean, under Madonna’s eye, hilarity will ensue. What’s the deal here? First Anna Wintour puts Kanye and the wife on the cover of Vogue, now this. The general public must hear these things and wonder if everyone’s gone mad.

And it’s not just that Madonna can’t act and can’t direct. Financially, why would anyone get involved in this? Her last movie cost over $15 million. It made only $582,075 in the US and $285,000 abroad. Even the Brits didn’t want to see it. And this new movie is set in Africa, setting for Madonna’s hilariously stupid documentary “I Am Because We Are.”

Blame it on the Polar Vortex, I guess!

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  1. I love Madonna and applaud her ambition. Do you complain about M. Night Sham-whatever his name is? He made one film and a dozen clunkers. Sexist much?

  2. I blame all of you. If I had my way we wouldnt have heard of her after Who’s that Girl and none of this would have come up.

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