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This is not Snakes on a Plane 2: Michael Jackson traveled all over the planet but he never visited Cuba. So now his son, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., aka Prince, gets the chance. Prince sent out an Instagram selfie holding plane tickets to Cuba. He left on Friday with his school group from the Buckley School in Los Angeles. Yes, that is correct. I think when I was 17 our school trips were to the Statue of Liberty and the PT Barnum Museum.  We have stopped at McDonald’s. But times change!

Prince also has become something of a snake charmer. According to his Twitter account, the son of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe is raising snakes at his family home in Calabasas, California. The snakes are named Sparta and Athens, and they live in a cage Prince built for them himself. According to my source: “Basically Prince was raised in a zoo– prince jackson snakesNeverland– so now he’s got all kinds of animals. Katherine [Jackson, his grandmother], isn’t crazy about the idea.”

As for Paris Jackson, although she makes trips home on breaks, it does look like she’s going to stay at her boarding school in Utah until she graduates from high school. Last June she tried to commit suicide, and eventually was sent to the school. My source says she doesn’t like it, but Mrs. Jackson “is afraid to bring her home.” In any case, Paris appeared in a couple of photos on Prince’s account recently and looked very happy.

Meantime, two books are coming in June around the time of the 5th anniversary of Michael’s death. One of them purports to deal with Michael’s finances after his 2005 and then really touts the executors of his estate as miracle workers. (The Jackson fans will probably boycott that one.) The other is by two bodyguards who were with Michael post-trial for a couple of years, but not with him when he died.

One last piece of Jacksonian trivia: Majestik the Magnificent, the Jackson family friend and personal magician, has been quite ill. He just posted– or someone posted for him on Facebook– an update. But I’m told he’s been hospitalized for some time, possibly thanks to a brain tumor that immobilized him. Majestik had been staying at the original Jackson home, Hayvenhurst, thanks to the largesse of Katherine Jackson. Everyone wishes him a speedy recovery.

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  1. Would love to know what source of information has told you that Paris isn’t happy at her boarding school? Usually when you people say you have your information from ‘sources’ they aren’t very reliable ones because nobody that close to Paris is about to spill personal information about her.

  2. Nice to see him enjoying life like a normal teen. However one can’t help but wonder if MJ was alive would he permit his kids such freedom to open their lives to the public. He was such a secretive man.

  3. Why was there such an uproar about Jay Z and Beyoncé visiting Cuba? Maybe the American policy has changed as regards to American’s visiting Cuba. Michael Jackson traveled the world many times over, the question is why did he not visit Cuba, but his son and classmates are allowed?

    Paris Jackson has made the right decision to stay at the “boarding school” or wherever she has been placed, maybe with a Jehovah Witness family, from Katherine Jackson’s church, to use the time to focus on herself. All the media scrutiny she was exposed to, after being so protected by Michael, was to traumatic for her to deal with.

    For her own well being she should never have been allowed a twitter account especially after being subjected to the horrible cyber bulling and the hateful words, about her father and herself. Who knows who was behind the cyber bulling? It probably was from people right in her inner circle. It could also have come from her cousins.

    Not long after Paris and her brothers moved in with their grandmother, Jermaine and Randy’s children, were evicted. And their mother was put on blast. That must have been a hard pill to swallow to lose your place to live and be forced to live in a condo after living at Havenhurst. That would have caused them to come at Paris and her brothers in a hateful manner.

    Michael Jackson, let his children know very early, that people were not to be trusted including his family. And he rarely brought his kids around their “cousins.” Paris, Prince and Blanket have come to realize in the five years since the death of their father, that they are the only family they really have that can be trusted. Everyone else just see’s dollar signs when it comes to those kids.

    Now that they have lost the case with AEG, Paris has been permanently placed away. I guess they don’t need her testimony any more. Hopefully Paris will have a full recovery, and move on with her life, with her brothers, as Michael would have wanted.

  4. Roger, my class trips included the Bronx Zoo and theHoboken ferry to go see where Frank Sinatra grew up..However my daughter went to Paris with her school.
    Im guessing you and I both went to public school, .

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