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Is there a hell? Is there some kind of punishment for real evil? There’d better be. In the last day and a half, both the New York Post’s Page Six and the Los Angeles bureau of the UK Daily Mail have tried to kill L’Wren Scott. Even though she’s dead. They’ve certainly done what they can to piss all over a women who never did anything to them, was loved and admired by her friends, and was obviously in so much terrible pain that she committed suicide on Monday.

The New York Post’s Page Six has declared that all the other members of the Rolling Stones “loathed” Scott and implied that they’re happy she’s dead. They compared her to Yoko Ono, even though Scott had nothing whatsoever to do with the Rolling Stones, never tried to sing on a record or appear in a Stones video. Ono is often accused–wrongly– of breaking up the Beatles. The Stones are very much together.

The whole story proposed by the Post is ludicrous. There are pictures of L’Wren Scott on Wire Image with Patti Hansen (Mrs. Keith Richards) and with Jagger’s children Jade, James, and Georgia. Everyone is smiling. Patti Hansen is embracing Scott and they each have big smiles. No one’s pointing a gun to anyone’s head.

It actually seems like there was a lot of respect among the disparate members of Mick Jagger’s family for Scott. Immediately after Scott’s death was announced, Bianca Jagger, Jade’s mother, Mick’s ex wife, Tweeted her condolences and asked for respect for her.

Meantime, the Daily Mail decided to quote the Post, then belittle Scott some more. A person, hardly a human, named Jan Moir, wrote that Scott was unknown to anyone in England. Moir says Scott was only famous because she was Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, and basically, who cares anyway?

This Moir is just an idiot, and maybe there will be a quick route to hell for her. But seriously, as far back as 2000, L’Wren Scott was already the biggest name stylist in Hollywood. We featured her in Oscar magazines dating from 200o to 2004. It had nothing to do with Mick Jagger. Everyone knew her name even then.

Scott’s close friends are too upset to defend her. No one can speak for her yet, except Cathy Horyn’s lovely piece in the New York Times. But what is going on here? Why so much anger toward a woman who wasn’t really a celebrity, didn’t ask for anything, and died under the worst circumstances? Disgusting.

PS In the very same Daily Mail yesterday, pictures of Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger’s ex and mother of four of his children, hosted a baby shower for Jade Jagger’s pregnant 21 year old daughter. Jerry has no connection to Jade other than she was her step-mother 15 years ago. So why would she do that? Maybe because these people are human beings, not cardboard cutouts in someone’s imagination. I think these Jagger women are a lot smarter than the people who are making up stories about them, that’s for sure!

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Exactly right! Despicable the things written abt this lovely young woman who was clearly tormented but certainly WAS well known for her own creative talent. To think anyone could actually THINK those things let alone actually publish them. Something is seriously wrong inside some people that they think others will agree with their sickness. I can’t imagine how painful it’s been for her family and Mr Jagger to know humans can be so evil at such a time. Shame on them. how would they feel if they were memorialized in such a hideous way after a devastating grief?
    And to the first commenter bethann10. You sound like you must be closely aligned with Ms Farrow and her daughter. Because what they’ve done has been nothing short of mean and petty wanting to strategically affect the timing of some film award. Malicious intent is always transparent – even if you fool yourself it’s for some ‘greater good’. Whatever happened, mr Allen was NOT convicted in a court of law. And what did MIA and Dylan expect? They started this public bashing. Did they just expect that everyone would just take their word for it without looking at facts? When I read this authors piece on the Woody Allen ‘issue’, I said finally, someone is putting this in some perspective. (And to bethann10s classless and ugly commentary you wrote abv abt Ms Scott btw, just solidifies that the way YOU think is just like Ms Moir. So no wonder…you are criticizing anyone who dares to question the motives of ms farrow. Really? You begrudge a woman being honored in some way after death, by saying other fashion people are ignored? Who would those people be???

  2. Maybe for the same reason you’ve written multiple columns trashing Mia Farrow, whom you also don’t know? BTW, I’m neither Team Woody or Team Mia. I have no idea what happened to Dylan Farrow for sure. But you’ve written multiple mean things about the Farrow family. It’s clear from statements by Stones other than Mick Jagger that they didn’t seem to know or possibly like L’Wren very much. They cared more about Mick than her. Maybe it’s entirely possible that Ms. Scott was not that nice of a person in real life? Or that she’s not really worthy of the fawning coverage she’s received in other places than the ones you mentioned? How important is a celebrity dress designer that she was worthy of being covered to begin with, when other hard working people in the fashion industry would not be covered at all?

  3. Thank you for saying these things Roger, because the horrors you mentioned, including the loathsome Moir, I found to be so disturbing, and all I can think is good God how are people, such as those writing the disgusting and low articles, allowed to get away with such cruelty!

  4. Thank God for you Mr Friedman. Thank God you’re calling out tabloid filth for what it is.

    What are these people thinking? And how sad is it that the answer is that they know their readers will revel in it, that there people out there so sick – and yet walk among us – who can say with one breath “I love the Rolling Stones me,” and then get their morning paper kicks reading reductive crap about L’Wren.

    Welcome to the world of lowest common denominator reporting, which unfortunately is also the biggest.

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