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“American Idol” continued its descent into death spiral last night. The show fell to 8.3 million total viewers, with a 1.9 in the key demo. An 8.3 is very startling for “Idol,” which not so long ago had 10 or 11 million. Fox execs said not too long ago that the show was “winding down” and now it’s come to pass. Will Fox cancel it? I think it’s a strong possibility. It’s not the fault of the judges. And Jennifer Lopez performed last night! You’d think she would have brought in a few peeps. But JLO has also reached the “mature” phase of her career. She’s not the draw she used to be. And the 1.9 rating in the key demo? Ouch! That’s another all time low for “Idol,” which had been up around 2.7. It means no young people are watching the show.


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  1. It used to be about unknown talent and that was intriguing to see who would come out of no where……but then they made the show about the judges. It’s really that simple. No one is watching because we don’t care about the narcissistic judges who need a boost in their career.

  2. Well isn’t Jennifer getting to the age that she can wear her clothes now. Either that are we can have Carol Burnett come out in her comedy sexy old woman stripper outfit to impersonate Jennifer. What a waste Idol is now.

  3. Although I really like the current three judges it seems that the talent goes from pretty good to mediocre. They passed up on a lot of excellent talent during the audition stage.
    Some that were eliminated and even some that stayed have had their special qualities mentored out of them during their IDOL training. Also the 5 minutes they spend with Randy could be better put to use doing anything else.

  4. Harry is the only judge that actually knows music. JLo adds absolutely “nothing” but her good looks. Keith is overly nice to everyone, not a decent judge.
    The song selections are horrible as related to the viewing audience. Finally, just why is Randy there ?
    When Simon left that was the start of the downfall.

  5. I have never watched a full episode. It’s a sad world when anyone can become a star. Get out there and earn it. Work the small local venues. Build a fan base. Now all you have to do is get ona crap show and you can hit it big. No wonder music is crap these days.

  6. Too much production, can hardly see the kids anymore and I really dislike the amaturish video highlights. This years talent not up to standards. And too much about the panal and emcee. Liked it better when it was about the singing, not all the lighting.

  7. When they GAVE it to Jordan Sparks, a pitchy singer who should have come in 3rd, I know it was RIGGED. They aren’t looking for the best TALENT, they are looking for a piece of musical-meat they can sell in the market-place.

  8. I’ve always wondered how this show became popular to begin with? It was an insult every week to see and hear the likes of Simon Cowell making a name for himself by being such a vile scumbag. Yes, the participants need to be criticized when its deserved but he got rich taking that over the top. He told Jennifer Hudson to “lose weight” (actually, it was much more cruel than that) but never had the guts to say such a thing to Ruben Stoddard! Add to that the hideously ignorant Randy Jackson and it didn’t really matter who the third host was. Anybody who sits there and addresses females as “Yo Dog!” is a dumb@$$. Period. Instead of leaving it as a talent show only, and living with that, the producers had to tweak with it until they killed it. Having rotating or revolving judges is not a bad idea, but having the right ones is everything. The show became about the judges, not the contestants. And that’s why it sucks!

  9. Nothing redeeming about the show. I watched it a few times the first season since the wife and daughter were hooked on it. I found the entire production contrived, the drama and tension transparent, and I’m pleased that those who served as judges weren’t in a jury pool somewhere in America. After the second season, even the kid lost interest. Personally, I’m amazed that this show has managed to hold on this long. I don’t know if that speaks to the ability of Fox to rally viewers, or that the number of idiots in the viewing public has continued to climb.

  10. My wife and I stopped watching a few years ago because of all the perverted fagots on the show. Actually, I did not know they were still on TV.

  11. We watched the show every season and enjoyed it. Last year was terrible and stopped watching it after the second episode. The two female judges last year were so fill of themselves, Mariah Carey and that other one, cant remember her name but she was Soooooo Obnoxious.

    Came back this year and I thought the show was much better. The JUDGES really work well together but the talent this year is under par..

  12. Evryone I KNOW quit watching when Ben Briley got kicked for doing exactly what they told him to do – branch out!! The results were .07 % diff – seriously?!?!? And they couldn’t use their “save”?? I personally don’t care abt new talent groups the judges like OR Randy Jackson’s opinions

  13. The trouble is what has been the trouble for years. They always shove non-talented people out for a couple reasons.
    1. African America
    2. Gay or Lesbian
    3. Pretty/Cute/Good looking.

    This year they pushed the AA’s and a Lesbian and most of them could not sing. When you wipe out half of the contestants by forcing garbage on the public, this is what you get. Want to fix the format? HAVE THE PUBLIC VOTE THE SHOW ONCE THEY MAKE HOLLYWOOD! If they take 200 contestants to Hollywood (or Vegas or whatever elimination town they choose) then let the PUBLIC vote those 200! Right now they take what appears to be the best singers from around the US and then cast most of them aside looking for a demographic that they can’t fill. Whitney Houston is not floating around the US waiting to be found. Taking a majority of AA singers in HOPES that one will turn into Whitney is a combination that is doomed for failure (can you say Fantasia? Ruben?). Same goes for taking cute/hot/good looking people in the hopes they suddenly can learn to sing is a setup for failure. Kelly Clarkson has gone up and down in weight, looks good then average but still sells records. Why? SHE CAN SING! Carrie Underwood needed help and she improved with what she got. Once her nerves were calmed down, she did fine. She is good looking…… so Idol hit the lottery, sings, looks, and people loved her.

    Now they have crappy singers that they tell them “That was great” when I have heard better singers at Disney Hollywood Studios that were eliminated before the finale at the end of the day!

    If the PUBLIC loaded the show, they would have a vested interest in watching the live shows. Not like now where the Public may want ONE of the chosen and when that person is voted off……..the viewers vote themselves off.

  14. I watched one show and that was all I could stand(couldn’t even finish it). The talent is horrid, except for Harry, judges are blathering pandering fools. Time to shut it down and turn out the lights for good.

  15. MK wasn’t the only one who didn’t look like she wanted to be there, Keith looks lost or stoned. J-Lo . well, she is who she is.. and Harry, kid wonder, maybe they can get Mick Jagger to take his place next year.

    If the energy levels were any lower, they’d need to give the Judges 5-hour energy IVs.

  16. The problem with Idol is two fold: 1) In the last few years the show has picked the talent based on a PC formula: X numbers of blacks, gays etc. not strictly based on talent. Consequently many talented people who have the ability to win are left off the show just so that the proper quotas are filled. 2)The viewing public controls the vote once the top ten are selected and each individual can vote up to 150 times. This insures that the votes are based on race and gender and not particularly on talent. The result is the person selected as the winner usually does not have what it takes to make it in the professional world.

  17. Who in their right mind wants to watch contestants who were selected for their politically correct genetics warble hackneyed pop songs in front of a bunch of self-absorbed and dim-witted “judges.”

    It was bad enough watched Cowell, but it hit an all time low with the breath-takingly awful Nicki Minaj.

  18. It has run its course. There isn’t a single standout talent this year. It looks like they picked the final ten from demographics. Make sure that every group is represented whether they have talent or not. I watched two shows. It was horrible. Keith Urban is critically supportive. Jennifer Lopez gets tears in her eyes half the time and tells everyone how wonderful they are, and Harry Connick Jr is modestly critical of bad performances. One hour a week is more than plenty.


    Brian is the only one I still like. Too bad he does not have his own TV show.

  20. The main problem are the 15 year old girls in the audience who scream at everything! Also after 12 seasons it is past time to permanently exile Randy Jackson!

  21. I think they ran out of talent. The commentators are not being critical enough. Either its because they don’t want to admit they screwed up in the auditions or they don’t want to admit they did not screw up this is as good as it gets. I think the later.

    My wife and I DVR the show and skip to the performances listening to part of the song and moving on to hear one commentator’s opinion.
    I can clearly hear some of these people singing out of tune. A good singer never hardly ever does that. That is what separates the good ones from the bad.
    I already told my wife this is it for me. I will not watch again, ben there done that. Put a fork in it. I thought Adam Lambert was thee most creatively talented performer they ever had on the show period, and none of these people come close to him.

  22. This is the thing: it is all about Jennifer Lopez not about choosing good singers. It feels as it is her show. Besides that, the competing singers were very poorly chosen (with two exceptions) with weak voices, appearances and complete lack of mobility. It is the worst Idol season. I stopped watching those poor, cheated souls “performing”.
    We missed Simon, with his good judgment.

  23. A 45 year old mom lip-synching bad rap next to a fake stoop with digital graffiti – yeah, that’s what people want to watch!

    And singing contestants singing abridged versions of bad pop songs. That’s the ticket!

    Easy to understand the ratings hit.

  24. American Idol is dying because it deserves to die. The show is terrible; unwatchable. The beginning of the end started with the addition of the fourth judge, Kara. Since then, the revolving judges have been a problem as well as the expansion of Ryan’s role, but the final death knell was the change last year in the format. Something majorly bad was going on last year. The production values were declined significantly and that decline has continued this year. The show is now poorly produced and suffers from the worst thing a show can suffer from, it’s boring.

  25. You can’t blame the judges, the talent is really weak this year – even worse than last year. None of the contestants this year would have made the top 10 in the early years.

  26. I will vote for whoever JLo attacks..she is atrocious ! The show is boring with JLo predictable ..in everyway..Harry is only bright spot!!

  27. The contestants are boring and terrible this year. That’s the reason I don’t care this year. I like the show and would watch if if the contestants were interesting. The judges are great.

  28. The basketball tournaments got going last night and that probably brought about a lot of channel flipping; he wants to watch the tourney and she wants to watch Idol. Keith’s hair is hard to watch though the rest of him is very nice on the eyes, Harry too.

  29. i watched idol for many seasons …. obviously some great talent emerged from the show … i mean Carrie Underwood … is she the best or wht …

    however … seems the show really lost something after simon cowel and it went really downhill last season … haven’t even turned it on this season …

    sorry fox .. time to pull the plug ….

  30. The show is too self-serving, I don’t tune in to see JLO perform hip hop. The show used to be about the contestants, now it is about the industry. The results show ought to be a half hour, period. Keep the other ‘performers off of it and spend the time with background info on the contestants. Ryan Seacrest is booooring and I see his face too often on TV. Way overexposed!

  31. I think my daughter got bored with the show several years ago and hasn’t watched since. I still watch, but I’m not voting this year because I DVR it and watch it later. I think the talent is just as good if not better this year and the judges are a huge step up from last year’s female duo. (I still think Nikki Minaj ruined the show for a lot of people.) I hope it continues because there are a lot of kids out there who are counting on it as their chance to hit it big. It’s just not new anymore and a lot of people have short attention spans.

  32. i think they should bring simon, paula and randy back and do one final farewell season, with all the good stuff we liked about AI when it first came on.

  33. I left cable tv for ROKU. If internet/cable providers would not expect us to pay a fee to watch network tv on Roku, I’d be watching in real time and I’d still be voting. If network tv doesn’t reach out more to new platforms for watching, all shows are gonna fold.

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