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News from one of our great but under-heard-from actors: Matthew Modine has written and is about to direct his first feature film. “The Rocking Horsemen” is set in 1962 and follows five young high school students who form their own band. Modine has just added the talented David Alan Grier to a cast that includes Eric Stoltz, Sean Astin, Jennifer Beals, Billy Zane, plus Jared Gilman from “Moonrise Kingdom,” Riley Griffith from “Super 8,” Miles Heizer from “Parenthood” and Isaac White from “The Butler.” The film is being produced by Orian Williams (Control, Big Sur).

I’m surprised it’s taken Modine this long to start directing. A favorite of Robert Altman and other name directors, he’ll be a natural. But acting keeps him busy. In the last couple of years Modine’s been in “Jobs” playing John Sculley, and “The Dark Knight Returns.” Of course, his long amazing resume includes everything from Stanley Kubrick’s  “Full Metal Jacket,” to the hit cable series “Weeds” to a successful legit theater run in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” I’ll look for “The Rocking Horsemen” at Sundance 2016 if not sooner!


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