We may be getting ready to say goodbye to “American Idol.” Last night’s show, dreadful in many ways, was also extremely low rated. Total viewers were 10.11 million. The key demo rating was 2.4, down from 2.7 last week and back to the lows the show got during February when it was up against the Olympics. To put it simply: this dog will not hunt.

The show is suffering this season from poor contestants also. No star has emerged among the contenders. There’s no Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, or even a Scotty McCreery. As contestants get eliminated, the ratings should be going up. Alas, it’s the other way around.

“Idol” was beaten in total viewers by “Modern Family” on ABC and “Criminal Minds” on CBS. “Survivor,” from 8 to 9pm on CBS, came close.

Last night’s theme, by the way, was Songs from the Cinema. I don’t know what they were. Maybe they were songs playing while people were walking around in a movie theater.


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  1. The judges made sure that there was diversity, they kept people of color and of varying genders at the expense of better performers. So now there is a very diverse contestant group of mediocre talent. We have watched Idol from day one except for the Niki M garbage last year. It is a shame but it is now boring. Idol is now giving trophy’s to average performers to promote diversity instead of rewarding the winners.

  2. […] It might not take that long for American Idol to follow in the footsteps of the X Factor. Wednesday nights episode drew 10.11 total viewers, and drop .3 points from last week (when the show was competing against the Olympics). (source: Showbiz411.com) […]

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