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It’s all in a day’s work over at the New York Post. Their Jeane MacIntosh liked my Lady Gaga story from yesterday so much, she took it. Without credit. How nice of her.

Yesterday I reported exclusively that Lady Gaga‘s Born this Way Charity spent more money on lawyers, publicists and their website than on anyone who needed charity. The information came from my personal reporting on the charity’s new filed Form 990.

The Post was so intrigued that they took the story right off this site. It’s running since early this morning on the Post’s website without any credit to Showbiz411.com.

I called Jeane this morning and asked her, “How could you take someone else’s work?”

She replied, “Ask the editor, Neil Sloane.” Apparently Sloane– whom I do not know–thought this was a good idea.

I don’t think it’s a good idea at all. But it’s the Post. What can I do? Maybe send them a bill. Or file a complaint with the Newspaper Guild.

Jeane, so disappointed in you.


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