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Neil Young’s Pono is upon us. The great rock star is raising $800K on Kickstarter for an October 2014 launch of his Pono Music Player and website. He’s already sold out a discounted $200 player. A $400 donation gets you the Pono music player in a limited edition with lasered autographs from Patti Smith; Crosby, Stills and Nash; Arcade Fire; Foo Fighters; Pearl Jam, Beck, Norah Jones, and others.

Young’s released a couple of videos today, which you’ll see here. He takes a bunch of different rockers for a ride in his vintage car. They all come out extolling the sound of Pono. I see it this way. It can’t be worse than what Apple offers now. There are no MP3 players available from anyone else. If Young is on to something here, bravo. The shape of the thing is weird, though. It looks like something from 1996. But this is all about sound.

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