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Wow! “If/Then,” a Broadway musical sold $909,000 worth of tickets last week in its first week of previews– seven performances altogether. Why? The show’s star is Idina Menzel, who appeared on the Oscars last Sunday singing her hit song “Let it Go” from the movie “Frozen.” The song won Best Song, too.

The result is that “If/Then” — which is so far an unknown entity– did better than “Once” and “Phantom of the Opera” in the next seven days.

It didn’t hurt that Menzel became an overnight sensation not just for singing on the Oscars– but for John Travolta botching her name and calling her “Adele Dazeem.” That meme took off like wildfire, and caused a social network uproar.

No one knows much about “If/Then,” from the  creators of “Next to Normal.” It co-stars Anthony Rapp. A few weeks ago the cast debuted a couple of songs from the show at the Cutting Room and it seemed promising, but not overwhelmingly unusual. The show is about relationships. The music is kind of soft rock.

But Menzel is on fire. (Taye Diggs, please note all this.) A local star because of “Wicked,” Menzel has been going at this for a long time. “Let it Go” made her into a phenom. But last week’s box office must have the “If/Then” producers dancing in their offices.

Just to give you an idea: in the same week, the new musical of “The Bridges of Madison County” did $476– half the “If/Then” take.

Previews of “If/Then” continue Tuesday tonight. And it’s pretty much sold out.

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