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The first episode of Oprah Winfrey’s Lindsay Lohan documentary series? A little dull. I sympathize with Lindsay. She’s out of rehab. She looks good. She’s trying to get her life in order. But she’s also living in the Gramercy Hotel, she has a driver, a sober coach, and an assistant who used to assist Steven Tyler. Who’s paying for all this? She’s also looking at really expensive apartments in Soho. Again, where is the money coming from? Does anyone have any idea? I sure don’t.

Lindsay spent all last summer in ritzy Malibu rehab. It was free, because Cliffside wanted the press. They even ran ads during Lindsay’s show tonight. Some rehabs were offering to pay Lindsay to stay with them, in addition to free services. The offers were around $10,000 a month. But Lohan can run through money with the best of them.

Now Lindsay is out. The first few minutes are interesting– she’s on the apartment hunt. But the show drags and drags. At the end of the hour she’s still dealing with the apartment, yelling at the broker. The assistant, Matt, is running around moving her hotel room because Lindsay says she can’t stay in the same room anymore.

From the previews, Lindsay starts yelling at Matt. She’s also wearing an oxygen mask in an ambulance. Maybe the story picks up. But as much as I like Lindsay and root for her, you have to wonder if we’re ever going to see the financial mechanism here.  If it’s Mr. Pink, or Vikram Chatwal, I hope they’re show up soon too.

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