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The Olympics may really have killed “American Idol” for good. Last night the once ferociously popular competition hit an all time series low: a 2.2 rating in the key demo with fewer than 10 million total viewers– 9.71 million.

And this was after Wednesday’s rating had been a little more promising– a 2.7 rating with 10.53 million viewers. This means that many fewer viewers were not interested in who was going to be eliminated in part 2 this week. That’s the bulwark of “American Idol,” the elimination rounds.

In truth, Wednesday’s ratings were only good in the first hour. Viewers were tuning out to other shows from 9 to 10pm like “Criminal Minds,” which bested “Idol” in total viewers.

Last night “The Big Bang Theory” had almost 18 million viewers while “Idol” was scratching away.

Sadly, the show is sinking. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just age. It’s dying of natural causes.

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  1. I’m SURPRISED! I have not watched Idol for a few years because it bored me but with Harry added, it made me a fan again. I think the threesome of judges is the best they’ve ever had!

  2. Get ride of JLo now before the show season gets ever worst, the executive producers finally realize they made the wrong decision in the judges, they know now they should have listed to the experts like AT&T who pulled the plug on Idol before the season started after knowing who the judges were going to be in season 13??

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