Home Television Catching Up with Adele Dazeem, aka Idina Menzel, via Eric Stonestreet

You know, I saw John Travolta and Kelly Preston after the Governor’s Ball. They were downstairs where you go to valet service for limo pick up. As we were walking out, they were kind of walking back in, and John was saying to someone from the Dolby Theater, “We really need your help.” Maybe he’d forgotten his driver’s name and was asking for Adele Dazeem.
Anyway, Eric Stonestreet posted this Vine of Johnny boy forgetting Idina Menzel. He’s also wearing one of Mary Tyler Moore’s wigs from her famous show, which was a tribute I think to the great actress and comedienne.

I’ve made the main picture here what he actually looks like, we think, sans hair piece. Why does he keep wearing that thing? What was he really saying? Was he speaking Xenu? And how in heck did he get a job presenting an Oscar? He doesn’t have one, hasn’t been nominated in 20 years, and releases bomb after bomb. Go figure.

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