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Oscar ratings: 40 million viewers watched the show, and a huge number of them (a 12 rating) were between 18-49. But Hollywood should remember that a lot of those people were over 49, and went to see “Philomena” and “12 Years a Slave” and “Captain Phillips.”

The real winner is the Red Carpet Live show that preceded the Oscars. Those ratings increased every half hour leading up to the real show. Robin Roberts had been on my flight out to L.A. with a big crew of assistants and stylists. I guess it paid off!

The broadcast of the Oscars seemed good if a little flat inside the Kodak theater. All the musical numbers worked, and Ellen DeGeneres played it safe throughout. The weird things were John Travolta mispronouncing Idina Menzel’s name– and looking like a vampire. Why doesn’t he take that crazy wig off his head? Zac Efron had trouble reading the TelePrompter.

And then the whole issue of Will Smith getting to present Best Picture, not even wearing a tie. He had the biggest flop of the year with “After Earth.” Will and Jada in person are very very nice. But maybe Oprah or Sidney Poitier should have given Best Picture.

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  1. Why didn’t George C. or Ben A. present the Best Picture award since Argo won last year? Ben joined Jennifer at one of the parties so he was around … anything to do with his being snubbed last year as director?

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