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EXCLUSIVE: I told you first back on February 16th that Warren Beatty’s “Howard Hughes” movie was in per-production. Since then have come some unofficial word that Lily Collins, Matthew Broderick and Annette Bening might be in the film, too.

But I can tell you definitively that Beatty has cast multiple Emmy Award winning actress Candice Bergen to play the Hughes character’s secretary. This is great because Bergen is wonderful in everything she does, especially when wry comedy is involved. Let’s hope we see some of that in her character.

Before “Murphy Brown” and all the Emmys, Bergen had a very strong movie career from “Carnal Knowledge” to “Rich and Famous.” In 1980 she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in “Starting Over” (a great performance). Since “Murphy Brown,” Bergen proved a worthy opponent to William Shatner in “Boston Legal.” She has also appeared in “Sex and the City” and “House.” She even appeared on Broadway in “The Best Man.”

PS In New York, where she has lived pretty much forever, everyone loves beautiful Candice. Bravo to her!

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