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The incredibly greedy Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation is at it again. And this time they may have painted themselves into a corner. The April 10th induction ceremony at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn is turning into a disaster.

This week KISS announced they’re not playing. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have not asked original but departed members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss to play with them. Simmons wants KISS’s newer members to play. So no one will play. The group looks like it’s bruising for a fight similar to Blondie several years ago. Nirvana won’t play without Kurt Cobain. If they did, they’d be the Foo Fighters. So scratch them.

Linda Ronstadt doesn’t perform anymore. If she even comes, someone else will have to do the honors.

The E Street Band was finally inducted this year to appease Bruce Springsteen. He was inducted years ago without them. Bruce and co. are on tour but they’re off on April 10th. Will Bruce play with them? Or will Steve van Zandt lead the group? The award is for them, in fact.

And then there’s the question of Cat Stevens. He’s Yusuf Islam now. And he’s had visa problems in the past. Will he make it? Will he allow anyone to call him Cat? Will he perform “Peace Train” if he performs at all?

Then there are the ticket prices. Tickets have already gone to scalpers. On Excite, the good seats are going for over $7,ooo. And they’re not even on the floor! Floor seats are reserved for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation, which is selling tables for a range that goes up to $50,000. The inductees only get a plus one– that’s right! Want your kids to come? You gotta pay up. And past inductees– everyone from Paul McCartney to the O’Jays– have to buy tickets. There are no freebies except maybe for Yoko Ono and Jann Wenner’s family.

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