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Ronan Farrow’s debut on MSNBC on Monday was a ratings disaster, but that’s not all. Farrow, despite his show business lineage, came off today– his second day– like the host of a show on UHF or closed circuit TV in a community college. Physically, he comes off as small. The set doesn’t help him. His voice his high and uncertain. He reminded me (this is an old reference) of the high school stringer hired by Lou Grant who phones in a scoop. Watch this clip below. Does this seem like a show that should be on a network connected to NBC?

Really? This is enough to make me turn to Fox News.

Today Farrow put up Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s phone number. He urged the audience to call her if they don’t agree with her position on gay rights. (Later, he will call Justin Bieber and egg her house.) I think we did this in 11th grade to our high school principal.

Meanwhile, Farrow, one day on the job, is hitting the lecture circuit. He’s already booked Fairfield (CT) University for March 18th on the topic “A New Generation of Protest: How Technology Is Changing the Art of Uprising.” His official bio says he’s the son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. So much for Frank Sinatra!

If only Farrow had started out as a contributor on some show first. You think of all the talented people who could host that hour and do a great job. This is going to end in tears, I’m afraid.

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