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The sad story of “Winter’s Tale” gets worse this weekend. Last night (Saturday) Akiva Goldsman’s Village Roadshow-financed feature did a meager $670K at the US box office. With a $1.5 million total this weekend, “Winter’s Tale” will just about cross the $10 million line by Sunday night. The official budget is listed at $60 million, but that isn’t likely. Since we already know what the producers spent just in New York (thanks to that press release we talked about last week), the number has to be more between $100 mil-$125 million minimum.

Sometimes foreign box office will outweigh the domestic and save the day. But “Winter’s Tale” is not attracting crowds in places where often plot doesn’t matter. It turns out that people in foreign countries can’t follow it either, or just aren’t interested. So far “Winter’s Tale” has been a hit only in Italy, where it’s made over a million bucks. Why Italy? Who knows?

Meantime “The LEGO Movie” continues at number 1, also from Warner Bros. And “Monuments Men” is doing better than expected for Sony, even if it’s not the massive hit it might have been.

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