Home Television TV Ratings: American Idol Scores Series Low, Jimmy Fallon Stays Aloft

After Tuesday’s ratings debacle, I thought I’d skip “American Idol” ratings news. But last night the show hit bottom– a 2.4 rating, and just over 9 million viewers. That’s down 20 percent from last Thursday. The Olympics have harmed “Idol” more than any other show this month. How “Idol” fares next week, with the Olympics finally over, will say a lot for its future. It’s too bad, too, because Harry Connick Jr, Keith Urban and JLO are all very appealing. It was nice to see Randy Jackson this week. And entrepreneur Ryan Seacrest is wearing very nicely tailored suits…

Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon is benefiting the most from the Olympics. He had a 5.3 rating last night and a 15 share. Everyone is watching him this week thanks to the games in Sochi sandwiching him. Next week will bring real news for him, too. I suspect he’s grabbed a lot of new fans.

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