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First Lady Michelle Obama made a striking appearance on The Tonight Show last night, appearing –with great results– in a funny sketch with Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell. Mrs. Obama didn’t sing, but she did help do a send up of the Nickelodeon show “Ew!” She managed to push her healthy foods agenda and still have a good time.

Later, Mrs. Obama took a seat next to Fallon, dressed a hot black gown. (Don’t know the designer.) The pair talked about her Let’s Move campaign, and also about Obamacare. But Mrs. Obama also was very candid talking about the president’s cooking (“He’s only cooked for me five times,” she admitted, “he’ll be mad I said that”) and her early high school job working in a book bindery.

Talking about the March 1st deadline for Obamacare, Mrs. Obama addressed the idea that young people have not yet signed up for the program. “Young people,” she said, referring to accidents they could have, “are knuckleheads.”

The balance of last night’s Fallon show was given to Will Ferrell, who came on dressed as an Olympic skater/butler from “Downton Abbey” in a spandex black and white suit. Ferrell performed his would be- skating program to the theme music from the PBS soap opera. I thought it was just brilliant and a light touch for a comic who often goes way overboard. I loved it when he revealed that he’d never actually seen “Downton Abbey.”

Ferrell’s “Anchorman 2” is being released to theaters for one week starting Friday Feb 28th with R rated material that was excised from the original. That should be a blast.

Arcade Fire was the musical guest. Fallon scored for a fourth night in a row.

Keep refreshing for videos from the show…

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