Home Celebrity TV: “American Idol” Down 10% from Last Week Against Olympics

Poor “American Idol.” Things just keep getting worse. Last night a special episode only managed a 2.7 rating and 9.6 million viewers. That was down ten percent from last Thursday, which itself was down from the prior night and the previous week.

Of course the Olympics aren’t helping. It’s more exciting to watch skiiers and skaters and lugers compete than singers. But the question is, is “Idol” being damaged beyond repair during this month? Can it come back from the Olympic drubbing?

On total viewers, “Idol” wasn’t just decked by the Olympics. A rerun of “NCIS” nosed it down to third place. ABC and CBS are just running reruns until the O’s are done. On the CW, ten people watched a “Vampire Diaries” rerun.


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