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Yikes. Last night’s “American Idol” audience barely showed up. The total number of viewers fell below 10 million for the first time anyone’s memory. The rating in the key demo collapsed– to 2.9, from 3.4 on Wednesday and 3.1 last Thursday.

The worst part is that “Idol” was also beaten by a Re-run of “The Big Bang Theory.” So it’s not just the Olympics. “Idol” finished third, not second. And that should worrisome for Fox, which has already cancelled “X Factor” and labeled “Idol” as in decline.

The “Idol” situation is dire, and now we know it’s just because of the Olympics. After a brief perk up in the ratings a few weeks ago, the show is starting to follow a trend downward. It could be that the party is really over. A couple of seasons away might be the answer. But beating a dead horse is not doing anyone any favors.

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  1. Harry Connick, Jr. is doing a superb job as judge, and he’s quite funny and smart. So he’s certainly helped the show considerably. But it’s probably not enough to keep it alive.

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