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I hate to take issue with Page Six, especially my pal Ian Mohr. But Woody Allen is having no trouble selling his new film, “Magic in the Moonlight,” to foreign distributors.

“Magic” is already set for release in Japan, Portugal, South Korea and the Netherlands. And France is a no-brainer since “Magic” was shot in and around Cannes and Antibes. The French already love Woody, and love him more from “Midnight in Paris.” “Magic” will be a big hit there. Woody’s films are loved in the UK, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

It amazes me, the people who plant these items in gossip columns. Woody is a big international hit. And a movie set in the South of France with Colin Firth and Emma Stone? Say no more. “Blue Jasmine” has made $61 million internationally, plus $33 million domestically.

Believe me, European distributors don’t care about any of the stuff we’ve chewed on the last week or so regarding Woody. The love him, and they’d release two at a time if he could make them!

“Magic in the Moonlight” will have its US debut likely in late July from Sony Pictures Classics.

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