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On tonight’s special, from last week’s concert in L.A., Paul McCartney spoke a little. He said, “I was wondering if it was seemly to tribute yourself. But I ran into a couple of American guys who said You don’t know the impact of the show on America. It changed a lot of people’s lives. I really didn’t understand it. But once I did, through them, I decided we’d show up.”

Ringo, in the cut away, points to himself. It changed his life. And ours. Some pictures. All c2014 Showbiz411.

beatles 4 ringo

beatles 3

beatles 2

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  1. Not big enough for one thing. Also, it was done as an adjunct to the Grammy Awards, to catch as many performers as possible. The Ed Sullivan Theater is quite small. When I was there last night, I really couldn’t believe it. Their stage could never have accommodated the taping.

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