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Justin Bieber’s egg case has been presented to the Los Angeles District Attorney in Van Nuys, California. The possibilities are a felony or misdemeanor count, or nothing. for consideration for criminal filing. Their office says: “The District Attorney’s Office will review the case and will decide whether to file the case as a felony or misdemeanor, or to reject the case.”

Of course, a felony charge would cause a sensation. Bieber could well be deported back to Canada. His career hangs in the balance here and in two other situations where charges have yet to be filed.

Meantime, his manager, Scooter Braun, continues to Tweet aphorisms galore. He’s like a living Hallmark greeting card.


and never lose sight of the important stuff:

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  1. Braun is a joke.

    He took a sweet child (see early rare videos), filled his head with whimsical, Jackson-savior bullshit, told JB he was a genius, and is now standing back as the fruit of those seeds bears fruit.

    I have no respect for him. There is the good, nowhere to be seen in the bad.

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