No one ever expected these things to do on forever. Did we? I mean, seriously? I just got a press release that the American Music Awards and New Year’s Rockin’ Eve are going to be on ABC for another decade. A decade. Through 2023-2024.  Really? Can you imagine who the second tier music stars will be by then? And the whole ball drop thing from Times Square? Ryan Seacrest in 2023?

This is what we have to look forward to, for better or worse. Won’t all these things be gone on Google Glass, in hologram form? One thing’s for sure, I will be on another planet by then. Or teaching Scientology on the moon. But that’s the news. Yikes.

Oh PS the music stars: look around at all the available six year-olds now, and imagine them in 10 years. All the Jolie – Pitt children will be involved, Suri Cruise will be a pop star, Jaden and Willow Smith will get the Lifetime Achievement Award, Paris Jackson will host.

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