Whatever viewers liked about “American Idol” on Wednesday night, it didn’t keep them on Thursday. The show fell a whopping 2.6 million total people from Wednesday to Thursday. From Thursday to Thursday to Thursday the loss was 6%. Hello!

Last night “Idol” scored a 3.0 in the key demo and a total 10.94 viewers. The night before they were at a 3.9 and over 13.4 mil viewers.

From last Thursday, it was quite a drop too considering they were at 3.2. Maybe they should just have one show a week? Just sayin’…

Where did everyone go? To the Olympics, “The Big Bang Theory,” and “The Millers.” Just by contrast, The Olympics scored twice as many viewers as “American Idol” — almost 20 million. “Idol” may have trouble competing against it. The competition stakes are much higher!

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