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Great news: U2 is set to collaborate with “Once” director John Carney on a new film set in Dublin. “Sing Street” will shoot this summer in Dublin. Carney not only wrote and directed “Once,” which became a hit Broadway musical. He has a new wonderful film coming from The Weinstein Company maybe this summer. “Can a Song Save Your Life?” is a New York-set version of “Once” with terrific music from Gregg Alexander and Danielle Brisebois from New Radicals.

The new film is described as  “semi-autobiographical, inspired by John’s life and love for music, tells the story of 14-year-old “Cosmo”, a kid growing up in 80’s Dublin. Cosmo must break free of a home strained by his parents’ relationship and money troubles, deal with his drop-out older brother’s antics, and survive a new public school where the kids are rough and the brothers are tougher. So he writes a song, forms a scrappy band with some school mates, writes more songs, and shoots some wicked music videos.  How to shoot pop videos in a recession ridden country? Beg, borrow and steal. And steal. But when he realizes he can’t save his family, he must make a family of his own. What better way than to start than to run away with 15-year-old wannabe model girlfriend across the sea to London, the Emerald city, where their shared dreams might, or might not come true.”

It’s unclear whether U2 will supply new songs or old ones, or songs from their latest album which is due this spring.

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