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Philip Seymour Hoffman has been found dead in his Greenwich Village apartment. That’s all the news right now. Hoffman won a Best Actor Oscar for “Capote” and was nominated other times. He was maybe the best actor of his generation, the real thing. He leaves a partner, costume designer Mimi O’Donnell,  and their three children.

This is heartbreaking. His friends and family are just getting the news now. One friend just old me that Hoffman had been complaining of various ailments recently. But there are drug issues. Hoffman was in rehab last year for heroin. No one could believe it. But as someone just said, he was an accident waiting to happen. Hoffman was 46.

Great performances: The Master, The Savages, Mission Impossible II, Jack Goes Boating, Ides of March. What a tragedy.

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  1. No idea why everyone is lauding his acting. He was wooden, two-dimensional, always sounding like he was reading off a script he’d never seen. People who are saying he was a great actor are industry shills and his friends who don’t want his horrible acting to be his persisting memory. Better, though, to recall him as he truly was: a closet junkie using a fake acting career to pay for it.

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