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Mia Farrow has waged a war against Woody Allen, claiming he’s a sex offender, for 22 years. Allen has never been charged with anything. But Mia says nothing about her own brother, John Farrow. He is currently serving 10 years in a Maryland prison on a 25 year sentence for sex abuse of two young boys.

And that’s not the only trouble surrounding Mia’s family. Her other brother, Patrick, committed suicide almost five years ago.

Is Mia projecting her anger toward her brothers onto Woody Allen? Think about it. Where is Mia’s public outrage over an actual convicted offender? Will Ronan cover that story on MSNBC, or Tweet about it?

More importantly: were Mia’s kids ever harmed by this man? No one has ever spoken about that.

John Farrow, 67, was convicted this past October in Maryland. Two young men revealed Farrow had molested them between 2000 and 2008. They are now 20 years old.

Mia Farrow’s brother pleaded guilty to two counts of child abuse. He faced 39 counts of child abuse. To stop his trial last summer, Farrow entered an Alford plea, meaning he accepted his conviction while maintaining his innocence. At his sentencing, Farrow told the court: “I do feel regret. This is absolutely the worst thing that I’ve ever done and I will ever do. It was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life.”

It’s pretty interesting that neither Mia nor Ronan Farrow, and now Dylan, have never spoken out in support of John Farrow’s victims. Those victims have documented proof and a guilty plea and a sex abuser in prison.

And no reason has ever been given for Patrick Farrow’s violent 2009 suicide.



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  1. I do not understand why the general media has not raised this issue in light of the recent attacks on Woody as a molester. Add to the list of Mia’s hypocrisy is her strong support for Roman Polanski who has admitted his abuse of a 13 y/o girl. Why hasn’t any media challenged Mia, Dylan, or Ronan on Twitter in response to their Twitter attacks on Woody?

  2. Just because Mia’s brother is guilty, does not mean that Woody Allen is innocent. This article’s suggestion of such is irresponsible and Mr Friedman needs to do his homework on Child Sexual Abuse before writing such an ill conceived article.

  3. I find the timing of all this odd, with Ronan just starting a show on MSNBC.I saw him on Bill Maher the other day and he looked delighted to be there, but I dont recall him having to answer anything regarding his tweets on Woody Allen..
    I dont know if this young girl was abused by Woody or someone else, or maybe it was put in her head, but there seems to be a hidden agenda regarding the timing of all this stuff.
    Very fractured family..I feel sorry for all of them

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