UPDATE AND CORRECTION: Jason Graham, attorney for Allyson Burnett, tells me: “TMZ’s story is not accurate. The court did not order anything and there is nothing to report about this case at this time.”

So far , Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen are not the Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell of this generation. And Scooter Braun is no David Geffen. With Bieber in legal trouble in three separate locales, Braun needs no more trouble. But yesterday his client Carly Rae Jepsen, discovered by Bieber in Canada, lost a major plagiarism law suit.

Jepsen, famous for “Call Me Maybe,” was found guilty of lifting someone else’s song for “Good Times,” a hit she recorded with the group Owl City. Jepsen, the Owl City writers, et al have been ordered to pay Ally Burnett over $800,000 for her song “Ah It’s A Long Song.”

A judge ruled that the two songs were similar enough. The ruling says that Jepsen et al had plenty of access– meaning that Burnett’s 2010 release was known well enough publicly that they could have nicked it.

Other than “Call Me Maybe,” Jepsen’s never managed to land another big hit. She is currently joining the cast of “Cinderella” on Broadway for 12 weeks. That’s what one hit wonder pop stars do when they see their recording careers ending.

For Braun, this news is the latest blow to his teetering empire. He’s now turning his attention to other female pop acts– Tori Kelly and Ariana Grande- and away from Bieber and Jepsen.

The NY Post’s Richard Johnson followed up on my line yesterday, and reported that Bieber is spending $1 million a month.

How long before Bieber — like Michael Jackson– realizes the money is gone and starts asking questions?

And where will Jepsen and her co-defendants get $800K to pay Burnett? This is going to get interesting…

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