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The Beatles are having a concert tonight in Los Angeles. I broke the news some time ago that the Grammys Salute the Beatles would be taped tonight and air  February 9th on CBS. That’s the exact date 50 years ago that the group debuted on American television on Ed Sullivan.

Now I can tell you that guest stars on the show will be Paul and Ringo’s close circle of friends as well as the previously announced John Legend and Alicia Keys.

Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra will be on hand. So will Joe Walsh of the Eagles. He’s also Ringo’s brother in law. Pharrell Williams, last night’s big Grammy winner, is set for the show. Keith Urban will be joining in. I did hear rumblings about Stevie Wonder last night, but that may not materialize.

Of course, Dave Stewart, who is friends of both Paul and Ringo, will be on the show. He’s bringing Annie Lennox and they’re having a Eurythmics reunion of their own.

Don Was, head of Blue Note Records and a great producer in his own right, is musical producer. When the show is finished tonight, famed engineer and mixer Al Schmitt will make it right for TV. He mixed McCartney’s “Live Kisses” recording out of Capitol Records a couple of years ago.

The big mystery is how long the show will be. Originally it was supposed to be three hours and take up all of Sunday night on CBS February 9th. Then it was cut back to two hours, so CBS could show some series at 10pm. Tonight’s recording will take three hours, and with McCartney, who could play for hours, who knows? Maybe CBS will like what they see and go back to the original plan.

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