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Her tongue is back in her mouth, and firmly in her cheek. Miley Cyrus told me last night, after cracking a joke about her father: “I have a dry sense of humor. Some people don’t get it.”

I had asked her at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy dinner if she’d learned a lot about show business because her father had been in it so long.

“Why would I ask him?” she replied. “What would know?” She was joking, of course, but it takes a second to realize it. She’s no one’s fool. I asked her if her whole transformation from Disney princess to semi-porn pop singer had been planned.

The essence of her answer was Yes.

In fact, Miley is only provocative in certain situations. Otherwise, she’s the example of propinquity. Last night she dressed glamorously but to attract attention. She sang her guys out on Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” and on “Wrecking Ball,” without sticking her tongue out or baring her tush. When she was done with her numbers she ran over to Clive Davis on stage and said, aloud, “I hope you invite me back!”

And what’s she doing today before the Grammy Awards:

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