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Justin Bieber was arrested last night. A budding boy band pop group called The Wanted broke up. Each act is managed by Scooter Braun, the 32 year old wunderkind who boasts an astounding — for a manager not an artist– 3.4 million followers on Twitter.

Braun is famous on Twitter for boasting about his amazing luxury vacations, his beautiful girlfriend, and for being famous himself. On Wednesday night, Braun posted this:



But things are definitely going sour. This morning 19 year old Bieber is in jail in Miami on a DUI after nearly being arrested last week in California for egging his neighbor’s house. There are dozens of reports of drugs being found, and one friend of Bieber’s was arrested because he left his cocaine out in plain sight. This was at 8:30 in the morning.

Meanwhile, The Wanted– Braun’s boy band– has broken up before they really got to be stars.

His other big act from 2013, Carly Rae Jepsen, hasn’t managed to get a follow up single as big as her one off hit, “Call Me Maybe.” She’s headed to Broadway this winter as a gimmick casting fill in on “Cinderella.”

Who’s in charge here? I’ve asked that a lot in the last year as Bieber’s career has been in rapid decline. We all know his movie, “Believe,” was a box office disaster. His album, “Journals, Pt. 1” was never submitted to SoundScan for auditing, so it could never be registered on the charts. None of the singles from the album, released over seven weeks in a row, ever received radio play.

Bieber’s income is largely derived from his stage show. He just completed a world tour that included late start times, a couple of cancellations, and infamous brawls with paparazzi.

The last Tweet from Bieber himself was a sad plea from Miami yesterday afternoon.

The Tweet contains an Instagram photo of paparazzi trying to get pictures of Bieber as they stood in the water. What did Braun do? He simply re-Tweeted the post. And that says a lot. Later, Bieber was arrested.

While Braun pushes forward, Bieber is falling behind.

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