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Remember this name, Justin Bieber fans: Judge Joseph Farina from Miami-Dade County. He just gave your boy a Get out of Jail Free card. The judge set bail for Bieber at a meager $2,500 even though the 19 year old was drunk, high as a kite on drugs, cursed out the arresting officers, and spent 8 hours drying out in a prison cell.

If Justin Bieber had not been a so called celebrity, his bail would have been much higher. Remember this judge’s name because this was the beginning of the slide, and Judge Farina was the number 1 enabler. Bieber spent about the same amount renting the Ferrari he got pulled over in. The low, almost non existent bail tells this grown infant that he was right and the police were wrong.

The next incident? Start the wagering. Bieber now joins the Lindsay Lohan-Britney Spears celebrity wreck list officially.

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