“Don’t worry Comic Con, he’ll be a very good Batman.” That’s how Two and a Half Men producer Chuck Lorre praised Ben Affleck at last night’s PGA Awards. Lorre, recipient of a tribute at the PGA for a long list of hit TV shows, gave a very funny, a little off color speech last night that hit on several topics.

One of them was once pulling up next to Affleck in a men’s room. “Yes, you can ask, I looked,” quipped Lorre, who went on to reassure fan boys that Affleck was man enough for the job.

Later, when Affleck took the stage to give out the award for Best Produced film– which turned out to be a tie– he got a lot of raucous applause. “Of course I’d be out of the room when someone mentioned that I had [redacted]!” Affleck joked.

Lorre also thanked producers Tom Werner and Marcy Carsey for making him work with Roseanne Barr, Brett Butler , and Cybill Shepherd– all three, in a row!” His funniest observation: how he wrote a spec script for “Golden Girls” which Betty White loved but was shot down by a Warner TV exec who said it didn’t meet the show’s high standards.

“She’s still at Warner Bros,” Lorre said. “And when I see her in the commissary she pretends not to see me.”

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